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Google-Verify my Business in Cambodia

Posted by Mizpah Grace Castro on December 12, 2020

“Convenience store near my location.” 

“Appliance shops in Tuol Kork.” 

“Japanese restaurants in Pub Street.” 

If you’ve ever been in the lookout for a specific item or service – perhaps in an unfamiliar area, or perhaps at a time when your mind came up blank for previous places – chances are you have typed similar phrases into Google Search. 

Guess what? High-potential customers and clients in Cambodia may be typing in the same queries for your business, and it’s high time you get Google-verified for a quality listing the moment they’re in need of what you have to offer. 

Verifying your business on Google is a must in today’s fast-paced and increasingly technology-dependent world. Considering the pandemic, people are also less likely to walk or drive around to browse the streets – they want to know instantly where they can find what they need.  

With that, you want to appear on Google Search results. You want a reliable listing on Google Maps. You want to maintain a refined online image and draw customers from the most crowded audience sources on the web. 

The initial steps 

Before even thinking of verification, there is one quick step you need to get over with: register and claim your company on Google My Business. This can be done by signing in to Google My Business using your Google account (preferably your business email domain). Enter all the pertinent details. Here, you will also be asked to enter in your business’ or chain’s address – if you don’t have a physical location you can pin-drop on a map, you can instead have it listed in the area you are servicing. 

Next, you will be specifying how or where you serve clients: either at your business address, or through delivery or mobile services. Following that step, you will categorize your business and then enter your phone number or website URL. During this, Google will also offer you the option of quickly setting up a free website. At the end of this sequence will be the verification process (note: this is for your Google My Business). 

The next critical prerequisite to getting Google-verified is adding and claiming your business, through Google Maps this time. The former can be done by either entering your address in the search bar or right-clicking any specific point on the map and selecting “Add your business.” On-screen instructions will tell you everything you need. 

The latter (claiming your business) will require you to enter your business name on the Google Maps search bar, and then simply clicking “Claim this business.” Verification options will ensue, and on-screen steps will help you along. 

Looks legit? 

Now that you’re “up and running” according to Google My Business, you will want to get verified by Google. This will boost chances of your establishment or company showing up on search listings, as well as give prospective clients the assurance that you are an operational, legitimate business. 

Google is strict and careful about which businesses it verifies – and rightly so. This is a process that may take up to two weeks as it utilizes actual snail mail: they send you a postcard! 

Using either your desktop or mobile device, sign in to Google My Business or open the respective app. 

On desktop, you will choose the business that you would like to verify and click “Verify now.” This will take you to a Postcard Request screen. You must make sure and double-check that your address is displayed accurately. If all is well, click “Send postcard” and wait patiently. Like stated earlier, postcards usually arrive within 14 days. 

If you’re doing this through the mobile app, you’ll see the “Send postcard” option once you open the app. Choose the specific business vying for verification, then tap “I don’t have a code.” Google will also send you a postcard by mail. 

What’s the deal with the postcard? This will contain the code that Google requires in order to verify your business! 

After receiving it, sign in to Google My Business (on desktop or mobile) and in the same fashion, choose the business and location you would like to manage. Depending on the specifics, click or tap on “Verify location” or “Verify now,” and you will be prompted for the five-digit verification code typewritten on your postcard. Google will confirm immediately on-screen, but you may need to wait a few more days before your listing fully goes live.  

From registering on Google My Business and getting fully verified, the process takes up to two weeks, which are well worth the “investment” as you don’t actually shell out anything – just time and patience. In an era when appearing at the top of a Google search result may very well be the equivalent of a humongous neon sign pointing at your locationthis is a must for any business owner.

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