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Preparing Your Business For The Holiday Season

Posted by Darlyn on December 10, 2019

How to Prepare Your Business for the Holiday Season

Holidays are celebrated in December but according to statistics, the majority of the consumers actually begin holiday shopping as early as October and some businesses are already preparing as early as September. Shoppers are already preparing themselves for what-to-wear and what-to-give even before the holiday season. Their preparations are mostly about hitting the stores and placing orders.

So, if your business has not made any preparations before the holidays, then you’re going to miss out on a huge amount of retail sales. On that note, you’re going to need the following great tips to prepare your business for the holiday season.

Plan Before the Holiday Season

As the phrase goes, the “early bird catches the worm,” it also applies to business owners where the early bird gets the most number of holiday sales. While the holiday season may actually be four months away, there are several events that are already lined-up prior to December. October marks the beginning of a spooky Halloween. Meanwhile, Thanksgiving Day, which originated in the U.S.A, is globally adapted today preceding the popular “Black Friday” sale in November. Hailed as the most wonderful time of the year, December is the season of gift-giving. And among the last four significant months of the calendar, September is the least busy month. A great time to take advantage of plotting your marketing campaigns before the grand celebrations. Once October comes, everything will just be a matter of execution.

Holidays are always present throughout the entire year, so as early as January you should mark your calendar for the holiday strategies each month. But you really want to double the workforce when the holiday season gets heavy around October.

Determine your Target Holidays and Holiday Promotions

There are a number of holidays each month but with so many holidays to mark, it’s important to know which of these occasions are relevant for promotions. Take a look at the annual holidays on your calendar and determine the ones that you want to highlight. Upon doing that, you also have to know what promotion you want to run for those holidays. It can be a buy one get one free deal or a 20% coupon or even a simple greeting to your customers will do; it all starts there.

Business owners can also consider National and International recognized dates that fit their brand. Pet stores can do promotions on International Dogs Day. Acne awareness month applies to skincare stores. International Women’s Day is about women empowerment which can be an important message to your brand especially businesses that solely cater to women. These small events can expand your opportunity to generate more sales and promote your brand.

Ensure the Best Customer Experience

Customer experience is important because it can either make them stay or leave immediately. Of course, you want the first one to happen for staying makes a great possibility of making them purchase. During the holiday season, most businesses are experiencing high volume of traffic and orders. So, you have to make sure that all the tools required to operate your business has customer service in high priority.

Don’t forget to check everything from your store to your website before pushing through your marketing campaigns to ensure your customers’ experience. By checking them early, you will have ample time to fix any glitches, slowdowns, errors, and interruptions. Plus, you’re also building customers’ loyalty by giving them a good shopping experience.

Stock More Supplies on Inventory

There’s only one reason why consumers are visiting your websites, to buy your products. Having a heavy number of shoppers means having a higher demand in supplies. And due to heavy orders, your stocks may possibly run out. To avoid this, you have to study which products are best-selling and equip your inventory with a lot of stocks.

According to a market study in 2018, online shoppers that received out-of-stock labels are about 3% which resulted in millions of lost in sales. In advance, it is important to keep track of the amount on your inventory especially those on high-demand and on sale. By keeping an eye on the numbers, you can easily determine which products are about to run out and immediately add stocks.

Increase your Social Media Presence

Browsing through social media is said to be the most popular activity in the online world. Its environment is interactive, informal and entertaining— making the social media community grow bigger. More than half of the online shoppers get their awareness of the brand on Facebook posts, Facebook stories, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories. The majority of them also prefer to shop with businesses that they can easily message online.

Social media is a great medium for businesses to reach a high number of potential customers. It can easily engage with customers, raise brand awareness, and promote holiday campaigns. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites, you can build a community of followers or leads. When you’ve already established that, the next step will be maintaining the number, increasing them, and turning them to purchasers.

Create Relevant Contents and Promotions

Each holiday is uniquely celebrated for different reasons and purposes. Aside from the holiday itself, it is also important to know the background of the holiday and match it with your content and promotions.

For instance, Christmas is about giving and uniting. On this occasion, you can put up content about gift ideas, family, and holiday sales. Promote gift products like fashion, gadgets, toys, and accessories. If you want your business to stand out, you should know how to effectively cater to the right products and services to the holidays being celebrated. It’s all about creating content that will make your consumers relate to your brand.

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