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Basics of Grade A, B, & C Commercial Properties in Cambodia

Posted by IPS Commercial on August 3, 2022

Not every commercial property is similar to each other, whether that’s in regard to the business there or even their building. This is because in real estate, commercial properties are graded into three different sections, determined by the quality of the materials used to create the building, lifestyle and more. Due to this, some properties are more desirable than others. However, how do you know exactly what grade a commercial property is within Cambodia?

It’s easy to determine as long as you know the distinctions between Grade A, B, and C properties. Make sure you get the right commercial property for your business by continuing to read the curated information about property classes.

Grade A properties

Buildings that only use the highest quality of materials, finishes and have the best amenities are often classified as Grade A properties. Generally, these commercial properties are quite new and have only been constructed within the last 15 years, making its architectural design and features modern and trendy.

Considering it has top of the line features, Grade A properties are often located in central business areas and managed by the best property managers they can hire. Additionally, considering the amenities and design, it has the highest rent compared to other commercial properties. However, there are little to no maintenance issues here so it’s definitely worth it!

Grade B properties

Following closely are Grade B properties that are older than 15 years, but remain to be well-maintained. Considering it’s older than other buildings, its architectural design within its office spaces and the building itself, follow the same style as others constructed at the same time. 

It usually has fewer amenities available in the building, especially since renovations are not often done in Grade B properties unlike in Grade A properties. However, this doesn’t mean the quality of commercial spaces remain fantastic with a more cost-effective monthly rent for its tenants. These buildings are also often located close to or near the business hub of a city.

Grade C properties

Commercial properties classified as Grade C are those constructed 30 years ago and more. Generally, these properties are not located close to or within central business areas and can often be found within the outskirts of the city. However, there are some that remain within the business hub, making it easier to spot them amid newer buildings.

Grade C properties have little to no amenities for its tenants and limited parking spaces available on the site. However, the rent it offers to its tenants is cheaper compared to other buildings, making it the perfect option for businesses that want a cost-effective commercial space.

Find the right commercial property for you!

If you’re looking for the right commercial property for your business, make sure to consider all aspects of your company: from budget to branding and marketing. Afterwards, you can then make a decision to choose what kind of commercial property you need among the available ones. Once you’ve decided, check out the listings at IPS Cambodia since it’s always updated with the latest and hottest commercial property listings in the market!


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