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Different Types of Restaurants That Potential Owners can Start-up in Cambodia

Posted by IPS Commercial on August 15, 2022

Starting a business isn’t easy, especially if you want it to be successful in the long run since you need to consider all factors to ensure its profitability and how it will perform in the current market. This is true especially if you want to launch a restaurant since competitors are always around the corner and new ones appear all the time.

So before you dive into the world of restaurant ventures, you first need to know the most common types of restaurant businesses you can launch. Find out the popular restaurants around the world and know which one you need to get into when you continue reading below.

1. Casual dining

One of the most common types of restaurant you can see is under Casual Dining since you don’t necessarily have to dress up just to eat here. You can get a full table service here from the staff so you can order as much as you want from their diverse selection and they’ll note it down and bring the food out when it’s ready. There’s a laid back ambience here and the prices can range from cheap to expensive.

2. Fast food

The most popular type of restaurant that most people go-to is fast food since it’s convenient. While the lines can be long, getting your food is easy since it’s prepared within minutes and you can go about your business quickly. Most fast food chains have numerous restaurants in different areas due to their popularity. This is especially the case because the food is cheap!

3. Fast casual

Nothing beats a restaurant where you can get your food within minutes and the ambience is as casual as it can be, which is exactly what fast casual restaurants offer. It’s a combination of fast food and casual dining restaurants, the only difference is that the quality of ingredients are higher and prices range from cheap to medium range. Generally though, full table service isn’t available in these restaurants but you can still dine in.

4. Cafes

Closely following fast food restaurants in popularity are cafes which are the go-to of most people since they can get their favorite coffee drinks here as well as socialize. They also tend to serve other drinks like tea, milk tea and more with light food like snacks and pastries. Generally, the price for beverages and food at cafes are cheap although it varies depending on how upscale your target customers are. 

5. Bistro

When you want to invest in a restaurant that has a cozy setting perfect for those who want to socialize with their friends alongside great food, then a bistro is the solution. It has the same relaxed ambience as a cafe or bar but it serves more food and its quality is always guaranteed. Services here are expected to be fast, especially since the menu are familiar favorites for that country; for example, burgers, pizzas, fries and more.

6. Fine dining 

If you want to target a bigger clientele that has a passion for the finer things in life, then you need to launch a fine dining restaurant. Only the best ingredients and high-quality recipes are curated and served here, allowing its customers to enjoy their meals on a different level than usual. Moreover, the ambience of fine dining restaurants elaborately showcases this lavish opulence. In short, everything from food to services to decorations are high-end.

7. Buffet

One of the fun restaurant ventures you can launch is a buffet style restaurant, catered directly to families and friends that are celebrating something or simply want to enjoy a lot of food in a short span of time. A number of dishes from around the world are served here, making it the ideal restaurant for customers with varied tastes. Generally, the entrance fee for these restaurants are higher and there’s a limit as well on when the customers can stay, to give way to new customers.

8. Family-style

The ideal restaurant that gives homage to the culture of a specific country are family-style restaurants since classic dishes that remind people of home are served here. This means that the typical customers here are families and groups of friends. When people order, the dishes are often served in large portions so the customers can put the portions they want for themselves. Additionally, these restaurants are perfect for those with children!

9. Pubs and bars

Not all restaurant ventures specialize in selling food since some prioritizes alcoholic beverages—this is the case for pubs and bars. All you have to do is buy a variety of alcoholic drinks as well as hire a bartender to make cocktails and other mixed drinks. Generally, the people who go here are groups of friends who want to socialize and party with other people. However, take note that pubs and bars are different from each other since the latter mostly serves hard liquor and mostly other beverages with a small menu for food. On the other hand, pubs have full table service and a varied menu alongside their drink menu.


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