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The Future of Offices and Workspaces in Cambodia

Posted by IPS Commercial on June 24, 2022

One of the keys to a fully functional business is an office structured specifically for the company’s productivity. Having an area meant specifically to get things done helped in employees’ efficiency and output, thereby improving business results. However, things have changed over the last few years with the way offices and workspaces in Cambodia are constructed. Besides trends to improve productivity, the global pandemic has shifted perspective and priority to entire workforces around the world.

What was important in an office before in Cambodia may no longer be working in today’s society. Considering all these changes, what does the future of offices and workspaces look like? Leading real estate company IPS Cambodia has curated an extensive list of these changes, so read about them below.

Flexible work

Before the pandemic, a flexible work setup where you can work from home on some days was possible. Most of the time though, it’s only approved if they had a good reason or if their jobs didn’t require them to be in the office all the time. However, the norm was still working full-time in the office. Now, employees are given a number of options on how they can work in a specific company. Whether it’s a full-time work from home position, some days they’ll report to work in the office, or if they’re required to work fully in the office alone.

Flexible work setup has become necessary since during the pandemic, most people stayed home and only worked online so they saw the benefits. Besides the staff, some companies have taken advantage of this setup as well since they also save on costs. This flexibility in setup is not applicable to all companies though since most Cambodian offices still prefer full time in-office work.


Cultivating a good relationship with coworkers have always been important but this has especially taken the spotlight in recent years. After spending time at home and barely interacting with people, communication with other coworkers has become a priority to most employees. According to a study conducted by workspace company Hana of more than a thousand office workers in the United States, employees found it difficult to build and maintain connections online. 

Since employees are back in the offices again, they’re doing their best to communicate more. This means more collaborations, activity-based games in groups, and more are expected to be utilized in companies to effectively build a good connection with colleagues.

Boom of co-working spaces

Remote work isn’t for everyone which is why co-working spaces have seen a drastic increase in customers, especially since restrictions have loosened in most countries like Cambodia. Most people who use these spaces are those whose nature of work can generally be conducted online even before the pandemic. However, since interactions with other people are a priority after COVID-19, many digital nomads now prefer to work alongside others. 

What this means is that it’s the right time to invest in co-working spaces considering its profitability. Location-wise, these spaces are especially popular in Phnom Penh so if you’re looking to buy an office for this, then check out the office space listings in IPS Cambodia.

Less space is necessary

One sign that an office is great before was that there was more than enough room for its employees. However, perspectives have changed since the pandemic because people know now that productivity isn’t reliant on how much space an office has. This means, many companies are downsizing their offices to fit only their employees, without scrimping on space. For some with a hybrid office setup, moving to a smaller office helps considering the actual number of employees who are actually in the office.

Moreover, downsizing space is applicable for employees and their desk area. Most people in the workforce have found the most effective and space efficient work setup for them while they were doing remote work. This means, they’ll fully utilize their desk area as well in the office.

Improved technology

Most offices and workspaces integrated more technology into their workforce, further improving on their productivity and efficiency. This goes for companies who are fully working in an office, have hybrid setup, or are fully remote. Not only are new innovations added for the sake of getting results, but it’s also to improve on the safety measures in the workforce.

Some of the newly added tech are smart systems that allow employees to enter their offices via smartphones, thereby making it contactless and seamless. Other innovations that are added are thermal imaging cameras and UV lights to check if the surrounding areas are thoroughly clean.

The right move: Invest in CREs with IPS Cambodia

Commercial real estate properties have seen an increase in yield, even during the height of the pandemic. This especially goes for offices and workspaces since businesses have seen the need to have places specifically for their employees to be productive. What this means is that it’s the right time to buy an office space. Make the right financial move and invest wisely in commercial real estate, specifically workspaces, here at IPS Cambodia!


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The Future of Offices and Workspaces in Cambodia