Studies Show That Workplaces with Green Spaces Increase Productivity

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Posted by IPS Commercial on November 22, 2022

It’s not enough simply to ensure good services and products for companies and businesses, since prioritizing the environment for their employees is also a must. After all, the way that offices are set-up matters for employees, considering it’s where they will be working daily. One part of making a good office environment is adding green areas and open spaces since it can be beneficial for your company.

These green spaces can be anything from a small garden to an open lounge with plants included in the interior design. Adding these green spaces into your business or company has numerous benefits, this is according to different studies we’ve curated below. Check it out!

1. Higher productivity

While employee productivity is due to many factors, one part that affects it is the work environment. If the workplace has green spaces or open areas that employees can relax in and do whatever they need to destress, it can help their productivity up by 20%. 

Moreover, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Center for Health in Harvard, people’s cognitive function performs better when they’re in green areas than without. The study had over 70,000 participants worldwide, resulting in solid research that indicated people performed 172% better in retaining and using information if they’re in a green environment. It also indicated that people strategize 183% higher and respond 97% quicker in a crisis in green buildings. In short, your business will benefit more from adding green spaces in the office!

2. Healthier work environment

An office that has little to no plants around, focused on equipment and the like only promotes a cold ambience. In contrast, plants decorating your office, green and open spaces that abundantly let in light, use of natural materials, and more can foster a healthier environment for your employees. Not only does it have a warm and inviting ambience, but it helps emphasize creativity! These green areas in your office will then make it possible to lessen the daily humdrum of office life.

3. Emphasizes sustainability

One of the biggest trends in recent years is prioritizing sustainability in daily life as well as businesses. Numerous companies in Cambodia have taken to adapting eco-friendly strategies, and more buildings like Odom Tower, have been constructed to be sustainable. After all, following sustainable practices allows companies to reduce their waste, carbon footprint, conserve water, and more. In short, it helps save costs too!

4. Better company image

Companies that follow sustainable practices are lauded over those that are known to waste eco resources. This means that if your business has green areas, no matter how small or largely emphasized it is in your company, your clients, employees, and customers will see your brand in a better light. A positive reputation within the industry and among the workforce produces better revenue monthly and annually, so this helps your company by a large margin.

5. Helps foster good employee relationships

One large part of a company is the culture within the employees that happens when they interact over time. However, in a lackluster and dreary environment, fostering good and healthy relationships between your employees can be a challenge. This can then lead to bad performances and loss of revenue.

On the other hand, since greenery around the office fosters a warm ambience and healthier work environment. After all, taking a break in a mini garden or open area with greenery allows them to relax quickly and develop healthy relationships with coworkers, which then translates to better productivity!


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