How to Increase Your Real Estate Portfolio

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Posted by IPS Commercial on October 20, 2022


When talking about investment opportunities, the best option at your disposal is real estate properties. This remains to be true despite how the market has been affected by economic collapse, especially so since properties’ values have skyrocketed back again. If you’re a current investor, then that’s good for you but considering how the prices are only bound to further increase, it’s the best time for you to invest. However, how do you increase your real estate portfolio?

Real estate portfolios always look different for everyone, considering a variety of interests and priorities. Moreover, there is more to increasing your portfolio than just buying one or two properties since there’s a number of things you have to consider so you spend your money wisely on your investments. To make things easier for you, we’ve curated some of the best tips to increase your real estate portfolio.

Diversify your portfolio

Same with other investments, the best thing you can do is to diversify your portfolio. Dipping your toes into just one market isn’t financially stable, especially considering there are no guarantees on profitability. In real estate, you can do this by investing in land, residential, and commercial properties.

Moreover, these property types have a number of differing properties under them that will diversify your portfolio. For example, in residential properties, you can invest in condos, villas, houses, and more.

Look for different markets

One of the keys to ensuring you’re making great investments is that you scope out different real estate markets. In this case, it could mean not just checking how the real estate market in Cambodia is like over the last few years but also seeing how other countries are doing. Market analysis can help you make the right decisions and plan the perfect portfolio for you, whether you want to invest solely in local real estate or internationally as well.

A different market can also mean checking cities and provinces far from you. For example, if you’re in Phnom Penh, you don’t simply have to buy properties from there since you can also invest in homes in Siem Reap and Sihanouk.

Don’t rush your investments

Most people who just invested in their first real estate properties tend to be quick on their feet in looking for and buying their next property. This shouldn’t be the case since if you rush into it, you might miss certain red flags on the property and more that you’ll regret afterwards. It’s also possible that if you shorten your hand on your finances by rushing into one investment after another. Considering this is never the financial position you want to be in, it’s best to take as much time as you need before buying your next property.

Hire property managers

IPS Property Management Team As an investor, time is the most important commodity. Whether you have one or more properties, the best thing you can do is to hire property managers that will make arrangements to lease it to reliable and trustworthy tenants. These property managers will do more than just this since they’ll arrange repairs or maintenance if necessary, ensure property laws are followed and more.

In short, when you have a reliable property manager, it takes a huge burden off of you considering you don’t have to worry about much except getting your profit. Leading real estate company IPS Cambodia has a team of experts who have been in the market for years, making it the best place for you to find the property manager you need.


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