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Top 5 Best Locations to Rent an Office Space in Phnom Penh

Posted by IPS Commercial on June 20, 2022

If you’re looking to set up your business for success, the main thing you need to keep in mind is the location. Considering this first and foremost, whether you have a company that offers retail, services, or even office work, is necessary since it’s part of your company’s brand. In short, when you’re looking for clients and employees, location matters since it lets them know you’re a legitimate business with a number of successful clients. For example, if you set up your office within Phnom Penh, the heart of Cambodia and the center of business, it can help you get more clients and more!

However, you have to choose wisely on where you’ll rent an office space in Phnom Penh since just any location won’t do. To find the ideal location to lease office space in the city, we have curated the five best places you need to rent for your business as you can see below.

1. Daun Penh

The most ideal place you can rent an office space in Phnom Penh is Daun Penh. It’s by the riverside of the Tonle Bassac river and is a great combination of what Cambodia represents: tradition and modernity. This is because most areas within the city have undergone massive developments where a number of high-rise buildings, commercial real estate, and more have been created. For Daun Penh, it’s being developed but the history within the city like the Royal Palace and key features of the area remain.

Additionally, numerous government offices, schools, and offices are located here. According to, about 32% of the city’s business zone is located within Daun Penh, making it the ideal place to rent an office space. Not only does it make it easier to conduct business transactions since you’re close to other companies and government offices. Moreover, all office buildings in Daun Penh are Grade A properties, perfectly representing first-rate companies like yours. 

2. Tonle Bassac

Amid other locations, if you have a business that offers both local and international services or you have clients and employees from outside the country, the best place you can rent an office space is Tonle Bassac. Similar to Daun Penh, the Tonle Bassac district is cluttered with numerous embassies from Asia and Europe. Moreover, there are also plenty of government agencies located here, making it second to Daun Penh in regards to being a business hub.

Since it’s still under development, most office buildings you can rent here are Grade B and C properties. Generally, the office space for rent per month for Grade B properties range between $18 to $29 per square meter and for Grade C properties it’s between $9 to $18 per square meter. Some of the office buildings you can rent an office space here are Keystone building, Phnom Penh Center, and Aquation building.

3. BKK

The BKK districts 1, 2 and 3 are a great area to find office space for your company. This is due to the fact that a number of commercial properties, residential areas, and other businesses are located here, making it an attractive option for your brand. Besides that, hotels, villas, and shopping centers abound here, making it an attractive area to conduct all your business needs.

The types of office buildings you can rent within the BKK area range between Grade A to C properties, depending on the specific location you want to rent in. Moreover, the general rental fee per month on Grade A buildings range between $28 to $40 so just make sure to check your budget. If you’re looking for other properties within this area, check out our available office and / or retail listings. 

4. 7 Makara

If you’re looking for affordable office space to rent within the city center in Phnom Penh, then the ideal area is 7 Makara. About 17% of businesses within the city can be located here since it’s in the center of the city and a number of government offices like the Ministry of Rural Affairs are here. Additionally, the office spaces here can range from Grade A, B, and C although the most common building grade is B. Make sure to check out the listings available at IPS Cambodia to find the right office space to lease!

5. Toul Kork

When you’re looking for an office space to rent and don’t necessarily mind being a bit far from the city center in Phnom Penh, then Toul Kork is the best area for you! Not only is it a developing area where a number of commercial and residential projects are ongoing, but a number of companies have set their sights here. You can get office spaces here that are Grade A with a monthly rent between $28 to $40 per square meter up to Grade C properties that have a rental fee per square meter of $9 to $18 per month.

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