Why You Need to Lease a Warehouse For Your Business

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When you’re setting up a business, the best move is to always ensure that the process of production for it is optimized. In this way, you can see more efficiency in tasks, happier manpower, and higher profits. The solution then to reach the ideal growth for your business is to rent a factory within Cambodia. After all, making sure you have the space for your company to increase production is a necessary step forward.

Most investors are moving forward with renting a factory in Cambodia, cementing their business’ authority within their specific market. Besides that, we’ve curated the top reasons why you need to lease a warehouse now as you can see below.

    1. Cost-effective

Running a business can be costly, especially if you’re thinking of expanding the products or services you currently provide. In this case, renting a factory of your own that has enough space to cover all necessary business operations will be more cost-effective rather than leasing another commercial space as what you have.

Moreover, since manpower and production processes will improve with the bigger space in a factory, efficiency will be higher. This means there will be less chances for work blunders and other things at work that reduces the profit margin. All relative costs for the business, specifically shipping costs, transportation, and more can be lessened if you lease a warehouse or factory in Cambodia. Just make sure to run the numbers first as well to choose the right factory to rent in Phnom Penh!

   2. Longer leases

While the number of factories in Cambodia are only bound to increase yearly, currently there are only less than 2,000 factories that can mass produce products recorded in 2021. In short, it’s hard to find the right factory to lease but thankfully when you do, it’s possible to set a longer lease term up to 10 years! Also, make sure to talk to a property agent about leasing terms.

   3. Bigger profits

It’s possible to get higher profits compared to what you were making daily or monthly before from your business if you rent a factory in Phnom Penh. It’s possible since leasing a factory allows you to optimize your workforce process and increase efficiency to get bigger profits. Additionally, the monthly rent for commercial properties are generally high especially if you’re thinking of renting close to the city center. You can cut costs effectively by renting a factory in Cambodia.

   4. Versatile

Leasing a factory is as versatile it can be since you can use it for anything you want. Whether you want to turn it into a large office space divided into cubicles or set up a comprehensive workforce process to produce your business’ products, it’s all possible when you lease a factory. This is unlike residential homes or commercial real estate where you can only use the given space as they are intended for, with limited opportunities for creativity.

Besides using a factory as a production area, you can turn it into a retail store, workshop center, warehouse or even as a storage! To help you get started looking for the right factory to rent in Phnom Penh, make sure to check our commercial listings.

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